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You have a lot of choices when it comes to professional moving companies in Scranton, from big name chains to local favorites like us, but we’re confident that once you’ve seen our spotless reputation and wide array of residential moving services, your choice will be clear.

While it may seem like moving is an absolute nightmare, that is just because you haven’t moved with us yet. We make the complex process a breeze with our full-service options.

Contact us today, request your free quote, and see how easy moving can be.

Full-Service Local And Residential Moving Company

Everyone moves at some point in their lives, and many people do this taxing task dozens of times in a lifetime. Whether you move just once or once a year, the time it takes and the stress it puts on your body and mind are the same. When it’s time to pack up and move across town or across the country, you could use the help of a professional to help you get where you’re going safely and efficiently.

We provide a wide variety of professional moving services, guaranteeing that you’ll find a package that perfectly suits your and your family’s needs.

Our full-service residential moving package involves us helping you with every step of your move.

Once you partner with us, we’ll assign a dedicated move coordinator. This person will be your first point of contact. They will also ensure that your move goes according to plan.

If you will be moving soon because of a job change, deployment, or family reasons, consider the many benefits of hiring a professional moving team take on the less desirable parts of this chore so that you can concentrate on more important things!

Your dedicated move coordinator will guide our professional team, keep a careful inventory of your items, and ensure that you experience a truly full-service move.

Luckily, a full-service local and residential move won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

At Northeastern Movers, we’ll keep our pricing reasonably low. This is just one way that we make moving affordable, and accessible to everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best local and residential movers around. Let our team do the hard work for you. Moving really is that easy.

Get your free quote today!

We have everything it takes to back up our claim that we are the best residential movers in Scranton, PA. Our movers are experience, professional, and affordable. Let’s talk about why these three things are so important:

  • Experience – Having many years of experience under our belts means that we have moved just about everything that can be moved within a home, including furniture, electronics, entertainment centers, book shelves, appliances, pool tables, and more! We know when it’s best to take things apart and when to leave them in one piece, as well as what can be packed together safely and which items should be kept separate.

Small Moves, Large Moves, Apartments, Short Distance Moves, We Do It All!

While we offer a full-service package, we can customize the move to meet your exact needs. No matter what your move looks like, we can step in and make it better.

This includes smaller packages where we only help to move a few items or a couple of boxes. There is no move too small for us to work with you.

We are always happy to help out with packing. We also understand that you sometimes want more control over how your belongings are packed.

In this case, we can focus on loading and unloading your items, including heavy pieces of furniture.

If you have belongings like giant couch sets or a piano, you don’t need to worry about the logistics. We’ll get everything into the truck safely and ensure it stays safe and secure during the journey.

Your belongings have great value to you, both in terms of money and sentimental value. We value your items just as much as you do when moving.

We also specialize in short-distance moves and can offer competitive prices that give you another reason to choose us.

No matter what type of move you need, trust Northeastern Movers to handle it for you! Contact us for a quick, free estimate, and enjoy moving like never before.

  • Professionalism – When you choose Northeastern Movers, you will experience a professionalism that you won’t soon forget! Our movers are excellent at what they do, and they can work around anything you have going on in your home, especially the craziness that ensues just before moving! Our movers will always treat you, your family, and your belongings with the utmost respect because that’s what being a professional is all about! 
  • Affordability – Price can be a major deterrent for some customers. They don’t see the point in paying extra for something they can do themselves. But for a surprisingly low rate, you could have more than moving services. When you choose us, you’ll also have peace of mind that all your personal treasures will arrive at your new home in one piece! That’s provides a value that is immeasurable!

Saving You Time, Money, And A Lot Of Stress!

There are a lot of emotional aspects to the moving process. However, a move can also be an administrative nightmare.

We understand this and want to do everything we can to minimize the stress of moving. With our full-service package, you only need to worry about getting you and your family to the new house.

Let us handle every other part of the process, saving you massive amounts of time, money, and stress. We’ll take the heavy lifting and the boring admin parts, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Because you can trust us with every aspect of your move, we drastically reduce the stress of a move. Once you’ve moved with Northeastern Movers, you’ll never want to move with another company again.

Another stressful part of the moving process is the expenses. There are so many separate costs that can add up very quickly.

However, by choosing us and our full-service package, you cut down on the costs because you only have to deal with one company. You can enjoy fewer logistics, fewer fees, and less hassle. That sounds like a win to us!

At Northeastern Movers, we have a fully transparent quote process that can break down each cost to help you understand exactly what you are paying for.

We believe everyone deserves an excellent moving experience, including keeping it affordable. Contact us, and let’s show you how affordable residential moving can be.

Reach out to get a free quote, and we can develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Other Scranton moving companies simply can’t offer what we can. Our services are convenient and practical. Northeastern Movers are highly trained in the best methods for moving residential items – methods that have been recommended by professional moving organizations and ones that have resulted in many satisfied customers over the years!

We belong to industry organizations and have the proper licensing and insurance to qualify us as 100% professional in every sense of the word. Knowing what our customers expect and then giving them services that is above and beyond what they expect but certainly what we think they deserve!

Every move is a unique situation, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have the best possible experience during your residential move. This includes superior customer service as well as our moving vans and trucks. Our fleet is specially designed to transport common and rare items alike. From large, oddly shaped items to the lighter and regularly shaped, we have a place for everything! We know how to expertly pack items so that everything stays in place, even during bumpy rides!

Moving can be a burden on both your time and checkbook. Our services are designed to alleviate these strains. Northeastern Movers can help with the packing and unpacking in order to make your move go faster and smoother than it ever would if you were doing everything on your own. We have dollies and other equipment that makes residential moving a whole lot easier. And with many moving plans and customizations available, you can be sure that you’ll only pay for the services you need.

Our new york & pennsylvania branch.

We are a fully licensed / Bonded and insured, family-owned company providing nationwide long distance moves.

Ready to move with us?

With Northeastern Movers, you are in complete control of your residential move. Consultations are a great way to ensure that we are on the same page as the customer. We work out every part of the move, including dates and times, where your moving supplies will come from, and whether there will be any additional charges for large items such as pianos or grandfather clocks. You can give us a head’s up about special concerns of your move: a narrow or steep drive, gated access, car or boat transportation, or one-lane bridges. Any information you can give us about where we are picking up or dropping off is extremely helpful as we schedule jobs!

We recommend that you contact us about 4-6 weeks before your move so that we can make sure every detail is carefully considered. However, if your move is unexpected, we’ll always do our best to help with the packing, moving and unpacking services you need! Northeastern Movers is proud to serve our friends and family, so we’ll do everything we can to assist with even short-notice residential moving!

Northeastern Movers is the best team in every way. We can supply the packing materials needed for your move, ensure safe delivery, and provide services with a pleasant, friendly attitude. Plus, we offer the widest selection of customized services of any Scranton moving company! What more could you want from a local residential moving company?

Best Local & Residential Movers In The Area!

There is a reason we are known as the best local and residential movers in the area. We ensure that you have the best possible move.

Our team is trained to handle all kinds of furniture, boxes, and valuable items. There is nothing you can throw at us that we can’t manage.

Our experience also allows us to predict any possible issues that might pop up during your move and prevent them from happening.

There is no one you can trust more with your belongings than our excellent team of professionals.

Whether you are moving across town or up the street, we are here to make this move a success.

By choosing Northeastern Movers, you are selecting a smooth and efficient move. You are choosing peace of mind, which is invaluable during a move.

Our clients love our Scranton moving service.

Read the reasons why Northeastern Movers is the best Scranton based moving company.

Elwood Oneida
Elwood Oneida
18:29 14 Sep 22
Northeastern got our move off to a great start as salesman, Mike, listened to our description of our two-part move, first to a storage center, second to our new apartment, and quickly assembled a top flight team and appropriately sized truck to accommodate our needs. On the day before the move, Jeff gave us a courtesy call to review the upcoming move when we realized we had forgotten all about the Certificates of Insurance required by the buildings we were moving from and to! No problem! Jeff and colleague Martin quickly prepared the COIs and got them back to us within a couple of hours, even though it was a Sunday! On move day, the Northeastern team, Nigel, Javon and Jordan arrived to get us moved. Each of these pros was good-natured, easy to establish a professional working relationship with, and ready to get to work, which they quickly did, taking good care to move our worldly goods with the utmost care and efficiency. And, in no time our boxes and furniture were safely in place in the storage room and apartment respectively. We died a thousand deaths in preparing over the weeks and months in the run-up to the move. Northeastern gave us a taste of heaven for the day!
Elsa McKeon
Elsa McKeon
00:36 13 Sep 22
Northeastern Movers is one of the best moving companies I have ever used. I was worried because in my pervious experience with movers was always a stressfull and negative experience. But Northeastern Movers was true to their word in providing great service. The crew was professional and efficient. The forman was so professional, a true leader, and provided great customer service. He was so kind and answered all my questions without judgment. I would definitely recommend this great company and I will use them for my next move.
martin shalumov
martin shalumov
00:33 13 Sep 22
Loved working with them
Mark D'Addio
Mark D'Addio
18:36 12 Sep 22
Excellent experience / hard working staff / transported motorcycle without a scratch! Highly recommended.
Shoshana Halbreich
Shoshana Halbreich
16:15 12 Sep 22
Every step of the way from getting a quote from Marlon to the office staff and the moving men on both ends, I could not be happier with the service. I have already recommended your company to many others. Thank you all for making this big move so easy!
Heather Yeremsky
Heather Yeremsky
23:13 08 Sep 22
The move had to happen on a Sunday at 8:00am. These gentlemen showed up, moved very heavy furniture down 3 flights of stairs and then up 2 flights at the new house. They made a stressful situation much less stressful! Professional, courteous, caring and completed a tough job under difficult circumstances without complaint. Would recommend to anyone in need of movers!
Bassam Abdullah
Bassam Abdullah
12:38 06 Sep 22
Best movers. I recommend to everyone.
Yelena Gold
Yelena Gold
01:51 04 Sep 22
The most professional moving company I have ever worked with. They made the moving experience stress free and easy. Very easy going and likable workers. The manger who I spoke with named Martin was a very nice young man. Very respectful and deserves a raise for sure! I will 100% recommend this company to anyone looking.
Nafisa Ravshanova
Nafisa Ravshanova
22:41 31 Aug 22
Best customer service . Maya is the amazing girl wich is help with my all questions. I recommend to everyone off my friends.
19:03 17 Aug 22
John did a very thorough inventory with us, they sent 4 guys, and the job took less time than was quoted, with nothing missing or broken. The guys were friendly, accommodating, and fast. My ONLY critique was that after they finished our job, they still had a full truck and a job they'd stopped at 2am the night before that they were going to have to resume after they left us, which seemed like a lot, but hopefully more than one job in a day isn't a common occurrence. Would definitely hire again.
19:33 09 Aug 22
I couldn't be happier that we used Northeastern Movers to relocate from New York to North Carolina! Moving out of state can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life - ask anyone who's done it. You need to use a reliable mover that can take some of that stress off of you. I'm a very careful person - I did the research. There are scores of horror stories out there about movers who did a terrible job of moving your belongings but a great job of moving their prices (always up)! Northeastern movers not only did an excellent job of packing up our things in NY, but got everything down to NC in great shape. Not only that, they did the whole operation with honesty and integrity, sticking to the original quoted price (which was considerably lower than comparable operations). John, Brian, and Ed were pleasant to work with, flexible, and down-to-earth. Highly recommended!
Daniel Stumpf
Daniel Stumpf
16:40 21 Nov 21
Northeastern Movers did an amazing job moving me from PA to NY in November. They were friendly, efficient and did an expert job packing and hauling my items. They were above board of any extra expenses and offered a fair price. I highly recommend them.
Lisa Carbonara
Lisa Carbonara
16:04 16 Nov 21
Excellent movers
Laura Woodard
Laura Woodard
14:27 30 Aug 21
Not only were the movers on site courteous, professional, and hard working but ALSO the service from the office leading up to the move was excellent. Our new building had very specific COVID protocols and there were challenges getting a straight answer out of the building about scheduling the freight elevator. But Northeastern Movers were responsive, and so patient when it came to filling out yet another form for the property mgr. What could have been a very stressful move was made SO helpful by their responsive and thorough work. Thank you!!
15:56 28 Jul 21
I did not hire this company to move, but they were moving someone in my walk-up building. When they saw me entering with my toddler and stroller in tow, one of the guys offered to take my stroller up to the third floor for me.Nicest thing a stranger has done for me in years!I will definitely give this company a call for my next move based on this awesome act of courtesy.
20:39 16 May 21
We moved from upstate NY to Long Island, on a Sunday. It could have been an overwhelming,stressful day. Thankfully we chose to hire Northeastern Movers-NYC Mover. Setting up the date and time with Mike and Brian was so easy and organized. When the 3 gentlemen who did our move showed up they could tell I was nervous for the day. They were professional, kind, and so beyond helpful. They took EVERYTHING and even helped with a few odds and ends. It is hard to gauge how much stuff you truly have until your moving, but these men were so understanding and great about keeping the day running smoothly. When we arrived to our new place they brought everything in and helped make sure things were in the right spots. I couldn't be happier with the quality (and price.) This was my first big move, and first time hiring a moving company and I am so glad I found them. If you are looking for a great moving company they are the way to go.
Arnold Kolikoff
Arnold Kolikoff
10:50 11 May 21
Very professional. Highly satisfied
Risa Zoll
Risa Zoll
20:48 27 Dec 20
The Northeastern team of movers, with Nigel at the lead, and which included Darren, Travis and Zack were nothing short of stellar: professional, courteous, hard-working (through a major thunderstorm) and diligent. They were careful and conscientious about cleanliness. Highest marks and would use them again without question.
Marena Dimyan
Marena Dimyan
04:40 27 Dec 20
Best movers! They did the job carefully and efficiently and their prices are reasonable. I’d highly recommend them to anyone moving.
jovee sheppard
jovee sheppard
04:59 18 Oct 20
I work at a storage facility in Brooklyn and got to meet a great set of guys from this company. In my line of work I come across my fair share of movers but northeastern by far has the best staff. Jeff and the rest of the guys are so friendly. They are professional, clean and just overall a joy to be around. Many movers come to our site boisterous or drunk and clearly couldn't care less about their task at hand. Most movers only behave when their client is on site. However, Jeff and the rest of the guys work hard and seem to take great care in everything they do, even when the client is not present. I swear I've seen these guys for about 5 days straight with they have the same hard working energy each day. Honestly I don't think you can ask for a better quality service nor atmosphere than what this company can provide.
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